New Features (1)

New features (as of 2/12/2012):

  • Both front-page comics have functional "Archive" buttons, which list all current pages in chronological order
  • The "Comics" link in the menu up top now brings you to a page that lists all current and past comic archives
  • Comments have been stylized to look nicer
  • Users can upload avatars that are, at max, 150x200 pixels
  • ART CORNER archive added, which will feature all of my miscellaneous drawings, both computer-drawn and on paper
  • The "Hello (User)" text has been removed, and the My Account button now says the users username
  • User profiles have been stylized to fit the theme of the rest of the site

 To do:

  • Chapters
  • Edit/Delete options on comments
  • An integrated Forum
  • A functional Navigation bar
  • An RSS feed
  • email notifications

Thanks for being an early tester, if you're reading this! If you find any bugs, please post them in the comments section below.