Jacob's comments: 
  • For once, there wasn't an update because I was actually working hard on a new one! I hope you like the increased panel size and artsier art, because it's very time consuming, and I'm doubting whether I have the patience to do it from here on, though I DO like it this way. 1000 has always been about artistic experimentation for me, so who knows what the next comic could look like!
  • So Dominic moved out at the end of Fall quarter to get an apartment. His Dad was keeping the family's cats with him but for whatever reason couldn't anymore, which is what prompted Dominic to get his own place- to keep the cats. Rick, on the other hand, is someone I had known vaguely beforehand and invited to move in in Dominic's place. Jerry's opinion on it was positive (despite not mattering), and we've all been pretty good friends ever since. In the next update (maybe probably), you'll get to see what Rick is like. He isn't mute, I promise!
  • PS- for those of you who are wondering what those things are on the front door, they're name tags. Every floor in Terry has a unique theme, and floor 7's is superheroes. There are five nametags because they put a new set up each quarter, and also took down Dominic's initial tag. The blue circle on the orange nametag is a "vote for Obama" sticker that I placed there myself on Election Night. (PPS- as you can see on the door, we have room #727. Yay!)