Jacob's comments:

  • Happy New Year and Happy 25% Done! This year is gonna be a big one, what with me graduating from High School and starting college in just a few months. I'm also going on a cruise to Alaska in late June with my cousin Ally, so that should be fun too.
  • So this is one of my two cats, officially named Coriander (but I hate that name so I just call her THE KITTEN). She's only a year old, but she's HUGE... Like, 9-10 pounds. Our other cat, Ivy, is 5 years old and half her size. Both are Devon Rexes.
  • NOTE: Some of you may be concerned as to why I threw the kitten. I can say in all honestly that she LOVES being tossed around. She loves to roughhouse. :P
  • Thanks for sticking with me for 250 comics. Let me show you the other 750!
  • Also, yes... the shirt DOES glowns in the dark. 8^y