Jacob's comments:
  • I guess it's better late than ever, eh?

  • Mrs. Goldberg is the only teacher I have this year that I had last year. She was also the ceramics teacher, so the classroom should look a little familiar to some of you...

  • That's Tabbitha in the last panel. Remember when I said her hair was black? Well... it's pink now. ...yyyeah. Also, she accidentally hammered her Zune during class. Yup.

  • "Reduction of Ice Index" is a fancy way of saying "Ice Breakers".

  • By the way, thanks everyone for the nice comments on the previous comic. I was feeling down when I uploaded it, and it means alot to me that you all care so much about me and my comic... and don't worry, I have no plans of stopping (not sure where some of you inferred that from?)

  • OH! By the way- I got a really nice 120-set of colored pencils for use in my Advanced Art class. I will definatly share some of my better pieces with you all.